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The Griffin Club project is a three story private athletic club that REN Gallery curated the art collection for. The concept we developed with the owners was to highlight the city of Los Angeles with several local artist's work. Photographer Rick Mendoza shot over 200 images of iconic LA sites, of which we chose 25 to be printed in a massive grid spanning 25 feet high on reflective aluminum sheets, catch the light and dance to life as you walk past it on the stairwell wall. Two surreal skies, one painted of sunup and one of sundown by artist Mark Brosmer can be found in the wine cellar and main hall, and a series of plexiglass mixed media pieces by Rob Grad lead you to the dining room. The main entrance greets you with a wood art wall sculpture by David Martin, representing a topographical map of Southern California and in the bar two lively prints by artists Robert Morgan and Dave Lefner inviting you to stay and imbibe. Finally in the event space we touched up two classic photos of the club from the 1930s and had them enlarged and framed.

A Ren Gallery Installation

The Griffin Club

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The Griffin Club

Installation Gallery

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