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Taylor Bos

Los Angeles, CA


Artist Biography

Influenced by Mark Rothko, Richard Diebenkorn, and Franz Kline, Taylor Bos’s large-scale abstractions appear rich with their play on structure, owing to the way they reflect on the artist’s development of color relationship, displayed by the navigation of the variant urban landscape. He investigates the informal qualities of line, color, and shape, with harmonious facilitation of uncommon movement and pairings. He uses structural elements as a starting point for his active, energetic and gestural paintings that simultaneously explode with color and shapes. Taylor Bos is attracted to pushing the boundaries of color story and the inherent contradictions that the layers of various materials create. He is drawn to showcasing patterns within spontaneous tensions, giving way to the organic growth, and how this relationship is both a conflict and a symbiosis. His color choices are uniquely fed by his intention to reconcile the reality subtext against an aesthetic potpourri of unhindered emotion - the alternating tones battling and coexisting with swaths of bright saturated color. Taylor graduated with a degree in architecture from the University of Colorado before pursuing his career as a fine artist.

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