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Robert Morgan

Los Angeles, CA


Artist Biography

Artist Statement

My work is an exploration of the effect that time and the elements have on the creation and decline

of manmade and natural objects. This results in compositions that range from abstract to realism. I

use materials that visually and literally reflect the colors and aging effects of nature: brilliance,

luminescence, weathering, and decay. In this way, I reveal the beauty that occurs with the passage

of time.

Neon signs from the past sought to convey their message by graphically grabbing the attention of

those speeding past. Although these messages have mostly replaced by an internet highway, my

work seeks to honor their role in visual communication. Capturing their decaying and rusted state preserves the intended message of an outdated medium. The beauty of graphics, oxidation, and

reclamation is represented in my paintings of old neon signs and much of my other work.

Robert Morgan was born in 1958 in Houston, Texas. He studied fine art at the University of Nevada,

Las Vegas and at the University of California, Los Angeles. His work has been exhibited in several

solo shows, group shows and galleries in southern California as well as appearing on television. He

works from his studio and gallery at the Brewery Arts complex in Los Angeles.

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