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Nicholas Tredway

Los Angeles, CA


Artist Biography

Nicholas Tredway’s paintings stylistically dance between Op art and Futurism, reflecting Tredway’s journey through life, before and after becoming a painter. Trains, spaceships, aliens, and lasers taken from his first influences from Atari and Nintendo games, and 80’s sci-fi movies, to his adult artistic influences of Stella, Rothko, Basquiat, Van Gogh, Bridget Riley, Al Held and Gerhardt Richter are brought together; creating alien worlds to the viewer, but represent Tredway’s very familiar, internal home in every way. Intense and surreal, the complex arrangements in Tredway’s paintings convey color theory at its best. Sharp clean lines constructing geometric shapes, and gradient transitions of color within the buildings, mechanical objects and fantastical creatures painted over highly contrasting color combinations in the background, playing off one another forming optical illusions of movement and three-dimensional effects. Tredway’s signature spirals create a midline curtain, and even in the midst of all of the apparent structure somehow Nicholas conveys playful spontaneity in his work. Nicholas Tredway lives and works in downtown Los Angeles. He discovered his love for painting in 2010 by chance, and hasn’t looked back or slowed down since. He is inspired by the digital age and the ghosts of the analog era that are fighting for screen time. ''Art has assimilated me to the point of no return'' - Nicholas Tredway

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