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Emmeric Konrad

Los Angeles, CA


Artist Biography

Emmeric Konrad was born in Lansing, Michigan in 1964 - The year of the Dragon. Emmeric Konrad’s work has been compared to the edgy Pop artists of the late seventies and early eighties with an added degree of perversity. After four years in the Marines, he spent four years of formal experimentation with paint and technique at Otis/Parsons where he graduated with a BFA. The results are as contrary as his experiences; replete with twisted images of strange creatures, dogs, mice and people. Konrad’s paintings are humorously manic expressions of innocently troubled characters interacting and willfully acting out. Emmeric Konrad is one of the original ''bad boys'' of the Downtown Los Angeles art scene. Konrad mashes up his personal fantasies with street art, Disney imagery, and a raw sexual energy.

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