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Clairfoster Browne

Los Angeles, CA


Artist Biography

Clairfoster Josiah Browne is a self taught artist from Los Angeles. His artistic inspiration was sparked at a young age. The fire was lit when his 4th grade teacher recognized he was drawing in class (rather than listening to her) but she saw talent and took him to the Warner Brothers studio with a few other artistically driven kids in the class. There he was able to meet the animators and illustrators who worked as artists for a living; one of whom gave him a stack of artist sketches. It was at that point on that he knew art was something he wanted to make for the rest of his life. Clairfoster poured over the drawings and started emulating the designs, teaching himself form and function in his pen strokes, learning about perspective and depth. He refined his talents, and continues to do so as a graphic designer under his own company, Klerforest, and a collaborative company, Unequal People. While Clairfoster attributes much of his success to that teacher, he also credits another influential mentor who came in the form of a visiting community leader from Africa whom Clairfoster hosted during his stay in Los Angeles. He shared with Clairfoster an African Proverb: "If you want to travel fast… travel alone. If you want to travel far… travel with others.” He embodies living in a race-less world, that by inclusion rather than exclusion, we can travel much farther. You will also find Clairfoster mentoring inner city youth through Faith in Christ Ministries and S.A.Y. Yes (Saving America’s Youth). 

He is particularly drawn to youth populations because he understands how his path was forged at an early age through the seemingly innocuous actions of his 4th grade teacher. These old, abandoned pieces of wood discarded by the roadside are his latest muse. They are a depiction of Clairfoster's perspective of life... No matter where we all have been in our lives - broke, broken or discarded - we still can be reshaped.

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