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Antonio Mendoza

Los Angeles, CA


Artist Biography

Antonio Mendoza, the son of Cuban exiles, was born in Miami, Florida. He was raised in Madrid, Spain. In 1983, after receiving a degree in Semiotics from Brown University, he moved to Los Angeles where he hoped to land a job in the film industry. Instead, he landed on a friend's couch and decided that a career as an artist was more his calling. His work ranges from abstract collages to digital projections, classically inspired oil paintings, interactive web pages, lenticular collages, and video installations. He has exhibited work and/or performed in galleries, biennials, festivals and museums in Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Houston, Montreal, Mexico City, Merida (Mexico), Valencia (Venezuela), Sao Paolo, Montevideo, Tokyo, Chiangmai (Thailand), London, Liverpool, Zurich, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe (Germany), Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Torino, Sevilla, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia (Spain), and Madrid. His work has been featured and/or reviewed in Artforum, Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, Modern Painters, New York Post, El País, ABC, Le Presse, Corriere Della Sera, Glue Magazine, Axcess, Wired, and other magazines and internet publications.

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