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Los Angeles, CA


Artist Biography

AISEBORN [''Ace-born''] developed as an illustrator, graffiti writer, and fine painter in Los Angeles. His work defies physical boundaries, illuminating the essence of One. Known for his murals, which often include aerosol portraits, adorned with his classic one brush stroke techniques, he creates geometric illusions that propagate at rhythms intrinsic to nature. Captivating enough to stand alone, his circular framework, replicates the ingenuity of world symbols such as the Adinkranhene, Mandala, Flower-of-Life, Dream Catcher, etc.

Through study and practice, he demonstrates the fluid movements of an organism, capturing the morphological process of plant life and the emotional appearance of physiological expressions from the human subject. Foresight with design is fueled by observing the order in which organisms naturally grow while his portraits employ the human form with enriched motifs that radiate the essence of One. He has installed several murals throughout the Greater Los Angeles including on city streets, in backyards, parking lots, gardens, schools, on rooftops, brick walls, sheds, furniture, instruments, bicycles, schools and more. He has contributed to productions at the William Grant Still Arts Center in Los Angeles, the ''Life is Beautiful'' Festival (2015) in Las Vegas, Nevada and the ''Manifest Justice'' Exhibit (2015) in Los Angeles. He has designed murals for community service events with LA Works. 

His work has been featured at the El Segundo Museum of Art with the Ghetty Museum in 2014, the A+D Architecture and Design Museum in 2016, and the California African American Museum in 2016. He debuted his first solo show ''Worth the Weight'' during Fall 2016 at the Container Yard in Downtown Los Angeles.

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