(December 5, 2017, LOS ANGELES, CA) - In today’s world, male-female relationships are under scrutiny as we struggle to understand the dark side of attraction and desire in a post-feminist world. The president speaks of women as objects to be groped.  Every day another powerful man tumbles from a pedestal due to his unwanted sexual behavior.  And yet, in another corner of our culture websites cater to young women who want to offer themselves as objects, arm candy to wealthy men in exchange for money, travel, and tuition.  The underbelly of the sexual connection is exposed, where the constructs of emotional relationship have been usurped by male entitlement, violence, and complex economic negotiations by both sexes. 

Ren Gallery presents a series of sculpture and multi-media works by Harry B. Chandler entitled, "De-Constructing Desire.”  These works strive to inform, shock, humor and provoke conversation around the shifting landscape of sexual interaction.  

Chandler, who prior to his career as an artist worked both as a film producer and an Internet executive, references his past. His work draws upon experiences casting actresses and models in Hollywood and consulting for a prominent dating website.  Using life-sized mannequins, silicone breast forms, video, and photography, he reflects on the constructs of desire untethered by an authentic romantic connection.  Creative, manipulative, desperate, hopeful and, at times, toxic, the masculine is laid bare.  The feminine is shown to be both a victim and an equal sparring partner, struggling to fully command her own body and power. 

REN Gallery is Downtown LA’s leading contemporary gallery exhibiting pop, urban, and abstract art with a focus on LA based artists.  The gallery is committed to building quality collections for our clientel from works by emerging and mid-career artists. 

Dates: January 6, 2018 –March 4th, 2018

Location: Ren Gallery is located in downtown LA at 743 Santee St., Unit B, Los Angeles, CA  90014 in the interior courtyard of Santee Court Lofts.