Louis XXX

LOUIS XXX (Louis Cannizzaro) Born 1961, Buffalo NY

''Every day the world arranges itself into a poem. It’s a miracle.''

''My paintings/poems present a quiet revolution. Without much drama or conflict… where people are equal and small details and smooth repetition are appreciated and can become luminous. Maybe my fight or mission is to protect those small, clear, glowing details I come across from hateful, distractive chatter''.

Painter poet, Louis XXX gracefully expresses his feelings on love and life with painted prose. His imagery is whimsical and uplifting in nature, often set in a city, under the stars or the bright afternoon sun. His work leaves you with a warm feeling in your soul, hopeful and bright and filled with love.

Louis XXX is an internationally recognized artist featured in the Nieman Marcus The Art of Fashion Collection, exhibited in the Cotes Hotel in Paris, LAB Art Los Angeles, REN Gallery and has been in a variety of publications such as Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, and the featured cover of Exhibit A art magazine. Louis was also just featured in the fall 2017 Paris fashion week after collaborating with designer Alexx Brown to paint on his couture fashion collection and has 3 books of poetry, the compilation of which is titled To My Sweetheart. .