Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson takes a critical view on the digital fabrication industry by exploring new techniques and processes to create mesmerizing machined wood art. Each piece is made from 1 to 1.5” finished quality birch plywood, chosen due to its inherent strength from laminated layers of wood. These layers of wood reveal the geometries of each pattern and varying colors of layers expose a depth to the geometry, inviting the viewer to experience the art at different distances and perspectives. The design of the textures into the art allows for a tactile experience adding yet another layer of complexity to each piece, crossing the threshold of wall art to sculpture. Challenging the common use of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines, a mundane automated milling device usually employed to make industrial components without direct human assistance. Anderson uses this hardware to create new interpretations of form and texture creating art from a machine that has never been employed this way before. Although he can use a variety of materials and geometries in his art, his process is consistent, and the applications of the artwork he can create with this technique are boundless.