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Bert Esenherz

Los Angeles, CA


Artist Biography

Bert Hewener-Esenherz As a young man Esenherz was inspired by the work of Harald_Naegeli and started spraying some graffiti of his own. In search of his artistic identity he flirted with the punk movement and participated in the development of techno culture in Berlin. In his twenties he traveled throughout Europe, learned sailing on Lake Constance and subsequently sailed boats across the Atlantic Ocean. In the late eighties Esenherz decided art was going to be his life and in 1992 he graduated from the Muenster Hochschule fuer Design specializing in visual arts and media design. In 1990 Esenherz founded "The Friends of Art", a multi-national group from Germany, UK, France, the USA and Switzerland that coordinated and supported the development of collaborative multi-media art projects. From that period on, Performance Art was to become a driving force in his work. "Art is the process by which the artist expresses a momentary thought or feeling in a unique manner". (Esenherz 1993) In 1994 he created "Wall Hall", an annual performance, which explores and documents the process of producing, displaying, celebrating and finally destroying art over a period of two months. In 2001 Esenherz walked across America pushing a 7 by 5 feet painting on wheels to promote art in local communities across the country. In 1990 Esenherz started to travel more frequently to New York City where he has become a prominent figure among New York City Artists. In the mid nineties with film technology becoming more accessible Esenherz acted upon his long time interest in filmmaking. 

As an independent filmmaker he has shot a series of satirical silent short movies about the idiosyncrasies of city life. At the moment he's directing and producing a documentary 'Leonard Aaron an American Legend'. In 2005 he founded together with his long time friend Eric Majorelle 'The East Coast Aliens Studio' in Brooklyn. The studio provided all kinds of opportunities for independent Filmmakers. In search for a new opportunity Esenherz moved in 2014 to Los Angeles. 

He founded B&B&CO as a new artists collective in the heart of Downtown where he now lives and work. His work has been exhibited in numerous galleries both in Europe and in the United States. His paintings have found homes in every continent but Antarctica.

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