Rob Grad

when the damn breaks- on brick.jpg
when the damn breaks- on brick.jpg

Rob Grad


"I Got This"

By Rob Grad

30” x 45” x 4"

Spray paint, acrylic, UV cured ink on tri-level plexiglass

This piece is listed at $5200 in the gallery and is only being offered to our private fundraising group for $5000.

Notes from the artist: 

This series of abstract portraits is an exploration of how we feel
about and perceive ourselves internally versus how we represent
and project that identity into the world. Each figure makes a bold
statement on the surface with confidence and bravado before
dissolving into abstraction. The contrast of thick black lines, white
shapes and swirling colors with physical space between then,
suggest a gulf between the outward statements we make and the
internal realities behind them.

Three layers of plexiglass are stacked with 1/2” (13mm) space
between them. Black and white acrylic is painted on the back of
two layers with a simulated multiple exposure photograph in front.
Each montage contains photographs of a human torso, layered with
abstract paintings, photographed and exposed onto the original

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