Our Story

The word REN has it's roots in ancient Japanese and Chinese language. Confucius used the word to describe the personal quality of doing something good for another, for the sake of humanity, for love, or of being benevolent to others.  In Japanese is can be translated as Love, Humanity, or Lotus.  I believe that ART is a core part of our experience of humanity.   Aside from the obvious correlation to my name, Renee Warren, this gallery exists to connect with what I feel is a crucial part of our humanity.

REN Gallery showcases contemporary fine art, with a focus on art inspired by or made in the city of Los Angeles.  After a decade of living in Downtown Los Angeles, REN features art that expresses this city's culture and lifestyle, that is the art of urban culture represented in paintings, sculptures, assemblages, and photography.

Downtown Los Angeles is home to some of the world's most sought after contemporary artists, constantly attracting creatives from around the world to be a part of its dynamic core.  It is also home to many artists who are emerging and unknown filled with talent.  REN Gallery looks for both established and emerging artists that meet our criteria of excellence of their art form.